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అమలు   [ amalu ]

  1. [ amalu ] amalu. [H.] Authority, reign, sway, government. An office or post, a public charge. Execution, fulfilment, the period of one ruler's government. ఏలుబడి, దొరతనము, హయాము. అతని అమలులో in his reign or sway. ఆ కలెక్టరు గారి అమలులో in that Collector's days. ఆ తీర్పు అమలులోకి తేబడిన తరువాత after the decision was executed. వాని మీద అమలుచేసినారు they took steps against him, they put in force against him. అమల్దారుడు an Amildar, i.e., one who exercises authority. One who puts government orders into force. A Tahsildar or revenue officer in charge of Taluq.

  2. [ amalu ] amalu. [H.] n. Authority. అమలులోకితెద్చు to put in force.

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