reverse (adj.)

  1. of the transmission gear causing backward movement in a motor vehicle; in reverse gear'

    reverse (n.)

  1. a relation of direct opposition; we thought Sue was older than Bill but just the reverse was true

    [ Syn: contrary , opposite ]

  2. the gears by which the motion of a machine can be reversed

    [ Syn: reverse gear ]

  3. an unfortunate happening that hinders or impedes; something that is thwarting or frustrating

    [ Syn: reversal , setback , blow , black eye ]

  4. the side of a coin or medal that does not bear the principal design

    [ Syn: verso ]

  5. (American football) a running play in which a back running in one direction hands the ball to a back running in the opposite direction

  6. turning in the opposite direction

    [ Syn: reversion , reversal , turnabout , turnaround ]

    reverse (adj.)

  1. directed or moving toward the rear; a rearward glance; a rearward movement

    [ Syn: rearward ]

  2. reversed (turned backward) in order or nature or effect

    [ Syn: inverse ]

    reverse (v.)

  1. change to the contrary; The trend was reversed; the tides turned against him; public opinion turned when it was revealed that the president had an affair with a White House intern

    [ Syn: change by reversal , turn ]

  2. turn inside out or upside down

    [ Syn: turn back , invert ]

  3. rule against; The Republicans were overruled when the House voted on the bill

    [ Syn: overrule , overturn , override , overthrow ]

  4. cancel officially; He revoked the ban on smoking; lift an embargo; vacate a death sentence

    [ Syn: revoke , annul , lift , countermand , repeal , overturn , rescind , vacate ]

  5. reverse the position, order, relation, or condition of; when forming a question, invert the subject and the verb

    [ Syn: invert ]

The dictionary is based on the WordNet Electronic Lexical Database.
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